the queen of storms

Courts. 29. Canadian.
married to heartsways for realsies.
we drink tea, watch tv and sass



can we make a list of common ways people misspell misogynist 

men’s rights activist is a common misspelling 

fishnbanjos replied to your post: Note to self: while writing an oral se…

I just realized this was a note to self. Do you want me to delete? I found it funny, but maybe you didn’t want it reblogged.

Hee, no it’s fine being reblogged. I’m just being silly because I really hate euphemisms in fanfic so it gets hard to describe sex without it being clinical. And then I just want to put stuff like that in. ;)

Note to self: while writing an oral sex scene DO NOT refer to it as ‘hardcore making out with a pussy’ no matter how much you want to.

Today is one of those days when I really regret switching to a Mac. 

I can’t afford to either replace this shit or get it fixed. GRRRR

Orange is the New Black: Meet the inmates

       ↳ Gloria Mendoza

Anonymous: I just hope you and your group (who've for some reason made it a pass time to ridicule the actions or opinions of others) realize that you're old enough to be the mum of most SQ shippers, I would be sad if these young shippers grew up and for some reason enjoyed stirring up unnecessary drama.


Yes, oddly enough I know how old I am.  But thank you.

As for a “group”; I have no group.  I have two kittens and a wife and I think the cats are trying to make me part of their pack in an effort to run wild in our apartment building, but no group.  I’m not part of some cabal, no matter how much you might like to infer that I am.

Listen, I’d be happy if some shippers would grow up, full stop, as it’s not necessarily the younger ones who enjoy stirring up unnecessary drama.

Thank you for the message, anon.  It’s nice to see you coming back to my blog so often.  :)

P.S.  Do you mean “pastime”?

I’d like to thank this anon for riling up my wife enough that I spent some quality time with the ruler when I got home from work. 



Cats in piles

Hullen had helped her mount, and she’d ridden out with the snowflakes swirling around her, off to see the great wide world. I thought my song was beginning that day, but it was almost done.


marvel comics meme: six/ten characters → Karolina Dean

Well I’m not surprised. You pretty much always amaze me.


marvel comics meme: six/ten characters → Karolina Dean

Well I’m not surprised. You pretty much always amaze me.

That last gifset was my 99th in the 500 episode challenge I set for myself in November. Meaning my next one I will be 1/5th of the way through.

Any requests for what lucky number one hundred should be? Here’s the list of the shows/episodes I’ve already done.



♛ 500 episode challenge ♛
↳ 99. arrow - 1.03 lone gunmen

Anonymous: thoughts on jmo? thoughts on emma?

JMo has blonde hair and likes braids and Starbucks and books. That is cute.

Emma is a character on Once Upon a Time. There’s that.