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I’m like this at the start of every fandom, except I eventually love EVERY character except like maaaaaybe one

 I usually start by loving every character and slowly change it. Fandom’s obsession and romanticization of straight white men usually ruins the character for me. I end up being berated into my own little corner because I want to talk about the terrible things that all the characters do and all aspects of their personality but most other people don’t. 

That’s one of the reasons why I adore you and your tumblr, because you have some amazing meta and really get into the heart of characters.

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I agree except for Spike/Buffy: they weren’t the paradigm of romance… well I didn’t get it that way, they were so fucked up! I hated Angel/Buffy but I loved Spike/Buffy because they were both fucked up and yet so much alike at one point. Also I wanted to let you know that…

I thought they were highly romanticized in Season 7, after Spike had taken serious advantage of her when she was emotionally weak and then tried to rape her. I know people see it differently but I was seriously creeped out and felt like he was trying to emotionally manipulate her by being resouled. I found fandom still wanted to romanticize it.

I find the ship very similar to the others because Jane Espenson has a type, a deep-seated sexism and an overwhelming love for Nice Guy Syndrome. Plus she can’t write depth to save her life.

  1. allmykindsofthings said: the fandom romanticized them but I don’t think that was what the creators wanted. Of course Buffy would never go with him, not after the attemptive rape. But the fact that he is trying to be good (even having done awful and terrible things) idk… I find it good. Sorry I…
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