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 ↳ 8 episodes: 3.10 ‘victory’ [5/8]

 ↳ 8 episodes: 0.03 ‘paterfamilias’ [4/8]

 ↳ 8 episodes: 3.02 ‘wolves at the gate’ [3/8]

 ↳ 8 episodes: 1.13 ‘kill them all’ [2/8]

 ↳ 8 episodes: 1.06 ‘delicate things’ [1/8]

 ↳ 9 scenes: 1.05 ‘shadow games’ [9/9]


NINE SPARTACUS SCENES: 0.05 reckoning [8/9]

Naevia: “You fade with each day. Do not make me bear witness to your passing.” 

Right, so I know this is my own gifset and I only posted it last night but I had ~feelings and needed to write them down.

Sometimes I still get really frustrated with Lesley-Ann Brandt for leaving Spartacus because of money but I really do love Cynthia even though they bring completely different things to the role. We get to see Cynthia as a much more broken woman, victim of countless rapes and then forced into the mines. She saw so many men die just to rescue her and her own fear caused some of their deaths. But as Crixus and the other rebels helped piece her back together we started to see a fierce warrior emerge in her, culminating in her beheading one of her assailants, the one who started the entire thing. 

What I love about this scene is that even five or so years before all that, you can see that the fierceness, the bravery and willingness to fight didn’t come from nowhere. It was there all along. Naevia knows the price for helping another slave to escape would likely be both their deaths but she did it anyway. Because she loved Diona and saw how having her body used as a party favour for the Romans was killing her. Ultimately, of course, this is Spartacus, and Naevia did have to watch Diona die brutally but I like to think that when Naevia was recovering in the rebel villa that she thought of Diona. How they had both been used and sold and beaten and hurt by the Romans, that escaping that torment had led to the end of Diona’s life, thought of how their lives and hearts and bodies were literally nothing to these people. Diona didn’t have a chance to fight back but Naevia does. 

I like this scene because I feel like this one of those moments that shows that Naevia has always been brave and taken risks, she’s always had the heart of a warrior beating in her chest. Now she has the recourse to fight back for the people she watched die as slaves and she is going to. Ugh. SO MANY FEELS ABOUT THIS.

NINE SPARTACUS SCENES: 0.05 reckoning [8/9]

Naevia: “You fade with each day. Do not make me bear witness to your passing.” 

NINE SPARTACUS SCENES: 2.10 wrath of the gods [7/9]

Lucretia: “Quintus always wanted a son. Because of you we shall have one.”

NINE SPARTACUS SCENES: 1.13 kill them all [6/9]

Aurelia: “What did you know of the man? That he would sing to his child, sleeping in his arms? Or kiss the tear from my cheek, when I was of a mood? Did you know the father? The husband? He was not a perfect man. But he was mine. He was MINE!

NINE SPARTACUS SCENES: 2.09 Monsters [5/9]

Ilithyia: We are both monsters, Gaius. Let us be so together… and seize the fucking heavens!”

NINE SPARTACUS SCENES: 2.09 Monsters [4/9]

Crixus: Forgive me. I lose myself in the moment.
Naevia: It is I who have been lost and your touch that guides me home.

NINE SPARTACUS SCENES: 0.04 Beneath the Mask [3/9]

Crixus: Auctus was the first life I have taken in battle. He will not be forgotten. 

NINE SPARTACUS SCENES: 1.10 party favors [2/9]

NINE SPARTACUS SCENES: 1.09 whore [1/9]